My Rules


pules1. Your Mistress require all submissives to act in a respectable, well-behaved, and obedient manner at all times. Disrespect, controlling demeanor, or misbehaving to get attention or to receive stronger punishment will not be tolerated and may result in termination of a session and dismissal.

2. Your Mistress provides only BDSM fetish fantasy activities and roll-play. Sexual activity of a genital to genital or mouth to genital nature should is never implied and will never be offered as part of your Mistress’s service. Clearly speaking, sessions with Mistress will never include any act that can be construed as “sexual.”  Requests for sexual acts during session will result in terminal of the session and dismissal.

3. Your Mistress requires punctuality.  My submissive will be on time for public interviews and sessions. I do not appreciate submissives being either early or late for appointments.

4. Your Mistress reserves the right to check a submissive’s ID. Submissives must be prepared to produce a photo I.D. to verify identity and legal age of 18  upon request.

5. Your Mistress requires all submissive to come to session well groomed and clean.  Poor hygiene will not be tolerated.

6. Your Mistress requires that her gift/tribute be presented at the beginning of the session.

7. Your Mistress reserves the right to terminate a session or refuse service to anyone who she believes to be intoxicated from the excessive use of alcohol or drugs. Gift/tribute will not be returned in the event of session termination as a result of intoxication.

8. Your Mistress requires at least 24 hours advance notice for session cancellation.  Excessive cancellations will result removal of the submissive from Mistress’s stable.