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My Personal Items for Sale

Because of many requests from submissives to purchase personal items from me, I decided to offer the most frequently sought after items for sale. All items are used and can be purchased in the state of being either used/laundered or used/unlaundered. Please specify which state you would like to receive the item(s) when you place your order.






$25.00 - Free Shipping to U.S.

$25.00 - Free Shipping to U.S.

$25.00 - Free Shipping to U.S.


How to Order

I accept personal checks and payment



To Order By Personal Check:

Email me at and specify the item(s) that you want. Be sure to specify "laundered" or "unlaundered." I will write you back with instructions on where to mail the check. When you send me your check and shipping address, I will ship your item(s) in a few days after the check clears.


To Order through

Log onto the web site and create an account with enough funds to cover the purchase price of the item(s). Send me an email at specifying the item(s) you want, your shipping address, and your id name. Log onto and search for my profile listing. My id is: MISSLILITH6. After you bring up my profile, leave me tribute for the amount of the item(s). I will ship out your item(s) as soon as your tribute is posted to my account.