About Me
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Your mistress has a hunger, deep and black as the abyss and cold as the outer reaches of space. This is the kind of thing  that wakes one up in the night with a demonic belly growl. Although I've always been a sadist, I didn't always see the value of embracing it. Now that value is clear because I know there are willing victims out there like you. Here fishy fishy! Bite your own worm!

As a child I had a plastic glitter baton - now replaced by my various canes, crop, and paddles. I actually got in to a lot of trouble for chasing little boys around the playground with it. Now you may cry all you want in one of my sessions. I actually enjoy your exquisite tears - but NOBODY is coming for you.
I know some of you are looking at these high contrast images that lack ID information and you're feeling scared. Scared? You SHOULD be - because of the ordeal I have ready for you and the pain I love to inflict.

I do however subscribe to the safe, sane, consensual principle and honor everyone’s limits. Also, nobody need worry about discretion, because the double life aspect of this lifestyle adds to the thrill. Only a handful of my closest friends even know I dominate professionally. None of them are the tiniest bit surprised.

It cheers me up to whip people - it makes something inside me purr like a kitten. It leaves me feeling satisfied and calm. Adrift on the vast blue ocean of sweet submissive tears, I drink your soul. Offer yourself at my pretty rub loving feet and see what I have in store for you.