My Play Space

I encourage each of my submissives to think of my play space as whatever they want it to be. Some think of it as a dungeon, with connotations of extreme punishment, torture, and interrogation. Others think of my play space as a punishment room - a place of servitude and domestic discipline. No matter what your fetish interests and inclinations may be, my play space is a cozy private room containing many toys and equipment to allow you to experience a wide range of fetish activity and to make the time that you spend there a memorable one.

My Punishment Room
Large equipment and bondage furniture are rotated on regular basis so that my submissives will have a different experience during each visit. I firmly believe that variety is the spice of life. Just a few of my favorite things are pictured below.
One of the key pieces of equipment in my punishment room is my caning bench. I'm quite fond of corporpunishmentbenchal punishment and this device is wonderful for restraining my victims while I chastise them with canes, crops, paddles, straps, etc. It warms my heart to see a helpless little slut strapped to my bench in such a way that he is completely immobile as I viciously thrash his helpless little bare bottom. The howls, moans, and pitiful pleas for mercy are music to my ears.
Electric play is one on my favorite activities and I possess a wide array of instruments to make electric play in my dungeon really exciting. Beyond doubt the most engaging and convenient device is my tensunitTENS unit. The advantage of this device is that it gives me precise control over sensation intensity. There is a max threshold for each individual and it is easy as twisting a dial to bring someone up to their limits and maybe a little beyond.
I just love to lock up my little sluts' wrists and ankles in my stocks. What a splendid way for me to have my way with them. To add insult to istocksnjury, I sometimes have my victims sitting on a narrow wooden block that has been covered in a nasty scratchy material. It just makes them so uncomfortable that I feel it to be delightful. Foot torture and tickling are usually in order at this point. Come and spend some time in the stocks!